Using R on HPC Clusters

Using R on HPC Clusters Webinar

August 17,19 1:00- 4:00 pm EDT

This OLCF-hosted tutorial Webinar helps users learn a basic workflow for how to use R on an HPC cluster. The tutorial will focus on parallel computing as a means to speed up R scripts on a cluster computer. Many packages in R offer some form of parallel computing yet they rely on a much smaller set of underlying approaches: multithreading in compiled code, the unix fork, and MPI. The tutorial will take a narrow path to focus on packages that directly engage the underlying approaches, yet are easy to use at a high-level. This workshop is targeted for users of OLCF, CADES, ALCF and NERSC. Users who do not already have accounts on those system are welcome to attend the lectures but will not be able to participate in all of the hands-on activities.

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