CADES Compute and Data Resources

CADES resources are located within ORNL’s Computational Sciences Building (CSB), which houses some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, including the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility’s Titan. The CSB was among the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (known as LEED)–certified computing facilities in the country, meaning that its design satisfies criteria used by the US Green Building Council to measure the efficiency and sustainability of a building.
Condo computeLargely Cray10,368 cores
41 TB of memory
Oak Ridge Institutional Cluster (OIC) Federated compute clusters
~10,500 cores
Heterogeneous (Titan entry point)XK7 racksSingle socket AMD Interlagos 16-core CPU per node
Single NVIDIA K20X (Kepler) GPU per node
Total of 184 compute nodes, 2,944 total cores
32 GB memory per node (+ 6 GB for GPU)
Graph and analyticsCray Urika-GX graph analytics/query engine32 Nodes, 64 processors, 1224 cores
256 GB of memory per node
Aries interconnect
Private/hybrid cloudFlexible, high-performance compute environment4,092 cores
8 TB of memory
7 high memory systems, 240 cores
6 TB of memory
Shared memory computeSGI UV30096 Intel E7 processors (8 sockets each 12 core)
6 TB of memory