OpenStack (Cloud) User Training Session

Tue 6/20/2017 1:30 PM-3:00 PM​
CR 5100 RM 128 (Lecture Hall)

Learn the ins and outs of self provisioning, configuring and managing virtual machines in the ORNL Cloud environment.

To follow along during the workshop please ensure you have completed Step 1 “Request Your Birthright Cloud Allocation”, and are able to login as shown in Step 2 of the cloud quick start guide:

This interactive workshop will walk-through launching, configuring, and self-managing VM resources and will include:

  • Web dashboard access
  • Personal vs. project allocations
  • Launching VMs
  • Volume types
  • Networking
  • Security Groups
  • Instance types
  • User management
  • Backups/Data protection
  • DNS Integrations
  • Data ingress/egress
  • Collaboration
  • Q&A session
Additional training sessions covering advanced topics and additional features will be announced in the future.