CADES Resources

CADES provides dedicated computing resources through our SHPC Condo allocations and customizable software as a service through our OpenStack Birthright Cloud solution. These resources are available now to all ORNL personnel in the lab’s science and technology directorates. Click the internal (ORNL-only) link below to learn more.

→ CADES Resources Portal

This diverse computing and data ecosystem is bolstered by a CADES support team that employs experts matrixed from different ORNL research directives to provide focused, expert support for a customer’s scientific computing needs. Be it computing, data analytics, data storage, or networking, CADES provides an easy to use capability researchers need to maximize scientific output.


By facilitating scientists’ data workflows, CADES serves as a foundational “big data center” at ORNL that aspires to address present and future DOE data challenges. With this platform, user facilities, staff members, and research teams can process, manage, and analyze large amounts of data by leveraging CADES high-performance computing resources, scalable storage, data analysis, and visualization tools.

Instead of a one-size fits all program, CADES offers users a range of options, so research teams can customize their computing and data environment to best fit the needs of their science program. ORNL researchers are currently using CADES to facilitate lab projects from a variety of disciplines.